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The AYA&IDA CUP2GO lets you enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea on the go, while helping the planet breathe. The reusable CUP2GO is designed in consideration of you, with a practical lid that is comfortable to drink from while still being 100% spill proof. The cup is designed in Denmark, in colors that match our popular drinking bottles.

The CUP2GO is manufactured according to the same principles as our AYA&IDA drinking bottles. The products are double-walled and covered with a copper layer, meaning that not only does it retain heat, but it also ensures that the CUP2GO will not get too hot to hold in your hand. Meanwhile, the size of the CUP2GO is chosen to fit most cup holders in cars. It sits well in your hand and the beautiful powder coating makes the cup durable and gives you a unique and elegant look.

Information 380ml CUP2GO:
Capacity 380 ml
Opening  8,5 cm
Bottom 7,0 cm
Height  14,5 cm
Weight  220 g

The AYA&IDA Foundation donates 100 liters of clean water to some of the world’s most vulnerable children for every sold AYA&IDA product.


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